Submitting content


You can submit content (whether you made it or someone else) which will be featured (depends). If you know Equestria Daily, then this website will function familiar to you.


All submissions must be made with Notes From Magic or be related to Notes From Magic.



Submitting art, charts (external), gameplay videos and NFM PMVs:

Title the e-mail accordingly.

No NSFW content.

That's about it. Scroll down for the submission e-mail and off you go.




Submitting songs for download or inclusion:

Be sure to include a video of the song in Frets on Fire / Phase Shift / Guitar Hero / Rock Band so the chart quality can be evaluated.

Title the e-mail accordingly.

No NSFW content.

If it's only a charted song without an advanced PMV, then it must be pony-related in some way.

You must have permission from the song author(s) and charter(s) to submit and must include written proof of it. If the proof looks illegitimate, it will be rejected.

The file has to be a .zip file containing the full song (no stems) as full.mp3 file, song.ini file and the notes.mid file. The song.ini file must have song_length correctly defined. MIDI notes format is the standard format.

If it includes a PMV then it must also include the events_file.nfmel and all the required assets. If you use any copyrighted assets, then written proof of allowance must be provided for each asset.

The chart must have all difficulties charted. If the song has vocals, then all vocals and harmonies must also be charted (lipsync needs them).

Try to keep the total file size below 30 MB. Exceptions are only made if they're really needed.

All proof must explicitly say that their content is allowed to be included in the Notes From Magic game and on the Notes From Magic website.

If you are compliant with all the above terms, upload your .zip file on the forum along with a description and include the written proof.

Alternatively, if you have been declared a trusted submitter, you may send an external download link instead.




If you have read and accepted the terms listed above, please send your art, video link or forum post to

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.