Songs included



Here are the songs that are included with the current beta release of Notes From Magic:

Foozogz - Pinkie Pie Loves Sugar
Foozogz - RainbowDash And FlutterShy Go For A Leisurely Glide
Foozogz - Sweetheart
Forest Rain - Memory Lane
LeafRunner - Another Day in Ponyville
PrinceWhateverer - Nightmare Night
PrinceWhateverer - Taking Flight
Tridashie - The Twelve Days of Pony Christmas
Tridashie & Friends - Pony Girl
Black Electric - Queen of the Night
Black Electric - The Last Day
CrimzonAE - Dethurge
Cyril the Wolf - Cyril Befriends Alex S. Cyril with Pinkie
Cyril the Wolf - Millennium Alone (Luna)
Cyril the Wolf - The Life of a Twilight Star
Foozogz - Dream Chaser
Foozogz - Hearth's Warming Holiday Cheer
Foozogz - Make It Special (Reflection Mix)